About Us

My name is Jamie Geyer, I have been in this breed for 13 years. About 6 years ago I took a break from the bulldog scene to focus on my home life. I am now wife to Tony Geyer, and mother to James who is 4 years old. We are located in Kansas City, Missouri. I used to be the secretary of the Gateway American Bulldog Club, I also maintained The Working American Bulldog Photo Gallery & The Working American Bulldog Message Board. I am not a breeder, I am happy with training and working my dogs. I have high expectations of my bulldogs, and I am still looking for that right female. I currently train at The Mid-Missouri Working Dog Club, which is a Schutzhund DVG club. I now own and maintain The Working Bull Breeds Photo Gallery. I would like to thank my closest friends, that even when I was out of the loop, still stayed in contact with me: Phil Kanakis, Lucillano & Natalie Oliva, Gary Fuller, and Jeff Clark. Thanks guys!!
You can contact me by email : WorkingBulldogs@aol.com

In memory of my loving Grandmother

May 5, 1928 - February 28, 2008
My grandma was one of the most important people in my life. She was always so caring and always put everyone before herself, she taught me so much. Her family was everything to her. She was so strong willed and loved life to its fullest. She was Cherokee, and very proud of her heritage, that is one of the many things that she has passed on to me. Three Feathers was her name, and she loved my dogs just as much as I do. Mojo was her buddy and protector and always by her side. I miss her so much, but I know she is with me, and is watching over me.