Total Chaos

8/25/2002 - 4/29/2007

Chaos was an offspring of Mr. Mojo. He had the very same temperament and much more drive than his sire. I was very pleased with how he turned out. It deeply saddens me that he was only with us for a short time. We lost him so unexpectedly due to his small intestine tying itself in a knot. By the time he let me know that something was wrong, the vet could not save him. So many "What if's" go through my mind on a daily basis.
I remember, as if it were yesterday, me holding him in the palm of my hand.


He was exactly what I was looking for. I've always known exactly what I wanted in this breed, and many people say that no dog is perfect, there is always some flaw. But it my eyes, he was pretty close, he was what I was breeding for. He had nice size, 26 inches, 92 pounds. Very stable temperament. TONS of drive. And good looks to top it off.



I'm going to miss you, boy.