Three Feathers Tomahawk of EWK






SchH BH, IDH 3, CGC, OFA Good, PH .43 / .37 No DJD, NCL Clear

Hatchet is by far the most intelligent, bull headed pup that I have had. We are currently training in Schutzhund. He achieved his BH on 10-3-09 at just shy of 20 months old. I am very proud of him. He is a very confident pup. I am pleased with his bitework, he goes in fast and hard, with a solid deep grip every time. I would like to thank Chris and Jane Mead of Eagles Wing Kennels for such an awesome pup, he is exactly what I wanted!

Currently available for stud to approved bitches.



 Pictured here at 26" , 100.2 lbs.